Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Behind On Your Mortgage? Need a Short Sale? In Thurston County, WA

Are you behind on your Mortgage payments? Has your family had a job lose? Medical Bills? Job Transfer? Divorce?

I am partnering with the Gregory Erwin Group, they make short sales look like a piece of cake. The way they have streamlined the process Impressed me. Most short sales they take on are closing in 3-5 months. Bank Of America could take longer they told me.

Why do you want a short sale verses forecloser? A few reasons, your credit score, if you do a short sale your credit may be dinged anywhere from 75 points to 125 points, and you may be able to buy a house in as short as two years. With a forecloser your credit report may be dinged from 200-500 points and it could take as long as 5 years before you are free to buy a new house.

If you let your house go to forecloser the bank may come after you for the lost of money. With a short sale through us that is one thing that the Gregory Erwin Group negotiates for you is to have that lose of money forgiven so you can walk away owing nothing. No guarantees but they have been successful.

We do all the work, The Gregory Erwin Group talks to the bank for you, they negotiates on your behalf. They are the ones in the thick of it. A short sale can be a lot of work but with the way The Gregory Erwin Group has streamlined the process, you will be impressed.

So if you want to talk today. Give me a call 360-292-2569 or shoot me an e-mail at Let's set up a meeting lets talk if short sale is right for you. We make this process easy for you. The Gregory Erwin Group has done this for many years and their success rate of cases they take on is at 90% for closing. No one else in Thurston County can say that?

This blog will now be about Short Sales and updates from The Gregory Erwin Group and any short sale news that is out and about.

Let's set up an appointment today just to talk, we don't push at all if this is not right for you then no problem maybe we know how to guide from here?

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