Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Behind On Your Mortgage? Need a Short Sale? In Thurston County, WA

Are you behind on your Mortgage payments? Has your family had a job lose? Medical Bills? Job Transfer? Divorce?

I am partnering with the Gregory Erwin Group, they make short sales look like a piece of cake. The way they have streamlined the process Impressed me. Most short sales they take on are closing in 3-5 months. Bank Of America could take longer they told me.

Why do you want a short sale verses forecloser? A few reasons, your credit score, if you do a short sale your credit may be dinged anywhere from 75 points to 125 points, and you may be able to buy a house in as short as two years. With a forecloser your credit report may be dinged from 200-500 points and it could take as long as 5 years before you are free to buy a new house.

If you let your house go to forecloser the bank may come after you for the lost of money. With a short sale through us that is one thing that the Gregory Erwin Group negotiates for you is to have that lose of money forgiven so you can walk away owing nothing. No guarantees but they have been successful.

We do all the work, The Gregory Erwin Group talks to the bank for you, they negotiates on your behalf. They are the ones in the thick of it. A short sale can be a lot of work but with the way The Gregory Erwin Group has streamlined the process, you will be impressed.

So if you want to talk today. Give me a call 360-292-2569 or shoot me an e-mail at Let's set up a meeting lets talk if short sale is right for you. We make this process easy for you. The Gregory Erwin Group has done this for many years and their success rate of cases they take on is at 90% for closing. No one else in Thurston County can say that?

This blog will now be about Short Sales and updates from The Gregory Erwin Group and any short sale news that is out and about.

Let's set up an appointment today just to talk, we don't push at all if this is not right for you then no problem maybe we know how to guide from here?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Can I Find Foreclosed HUD Homes in Olympia, WA

Where can you find in the Olympia, WA area foreclosed HUD Homes?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development acquires properties from lenders who foreclose on mortgages insured by HUD. These properties are available for sale to both homeowner-occupants and investors.

You can only buy HUD-owned properties through a licensed real estate broker, whose commission will be paid by HUD.

Burger Professionals is licensed to sell HUD-owned properties. Call me today at 360-292-2569 or e-mail at Let's talk!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Preparing to Buy a Olympia, WA Home

Preparing to Buy a Olympia, WA Home

9, 2009, by Marcie Dingerson in Home Buying Process

Getting things in order to buy a house in Olympia, WA

There's more to buying a home than you might first think. On purchasing a real estate, surely a major part of the process is finding a home in. Olympia, WA offer a price on it if it meets your needs. Before you can take any of those steps, you first need to prepare for the purchase.

If you've gone through the process of buying before, chances are you don't know as much about the home buying process as you think you do. Even if you have previously purchased a home, your knowledge could use a little brushing up. The best thing you can do to ensure a smooth real estate transaction, before being prepared for buying a home.

You don't have to spend weeks or months learning the process of buying a home in Olympia, WA. Neither do you have to attend expensive seminars or purchase manuals or books. most of the things that you need to learn about buying a home, you can learn from the comfort of your own home by using the Internet. The most important thing is that you do some work to become familiar with buying a home before you attempt to complete a transaction.

Before you even think about contacting a real estate agent, you need to first define your reason for buying a home. It's easy to come up with the cliché reasons for buying a home, but the "American Dream" simply isn't reason enough to spend the money you are about to spend on a home. You'll have much better luck finding a place that you love if you really look at why you are buying a home.

Take a hard look at your finances. This is one part of the preparation that should not be neglected. When you are looking to finance a house it is really important that your credit history is good. You need to be able to afford the monthly mortgage payment. Before that you need to qualify for a mortgage. It's very important to always have some extra money on hand when you have buy a new home.

Become educated on the entire mortgage process. There are a number of mortgages available to potential buyers. Look into where they are from and you will know where you can get them. A mortgage that meets your needs is just as important as the house that you are using it for. If you would a great online resource for all of your real estate questions including information on mortgages Free Real Estate Advice .com is a fantastic asset.

Know how much you can afford to pay for a mortgage. One can determine how much he or she can pay for a mortgage by examining their monthly expenditures and using the amount left over.

When buying a home you need to decide what you want and what you need. There may be things you want that you don't need that you can add later after your home purchase. Olympia, WA. Recognize that the two are not one and the same. A need is something that you require from a home. You cannot live without it. A want is something you desire in your home. Realizing the difference is important in the eventual home you buy and the amount spent.

The preparation you put into buying a home will have a major effect on your home shopping experience. you need to take the necessary steps to make sure that I, Marcie Dingerson, can help you find the perfect home for your needs and wants.

You can find a lot of free information for real estate deals. Whether its buying, selling or investing, the help is available to you.

Olympia, WA real estate. For information that's about the Olympia, WA real estate market including current homes for sale, property values and more please visit the most complete website online dedicated to everything real estate . I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about buying a home. Call me on my cell at 360-292-2569 or email me at